“Addictions” can be simply described as a compulsive and obsessive relationship to a substance or behavior. If you feel a “need” to use a substance or perform a behavior (also called “acting out”) and do it despite negative consequences and negative impacts on your life, you may have an addiction or a problem with a compulsive behavior.

Addictions and compulsive behaviors can have many manifestations including use and abuse of illicit, prescribed, and over the counter drugs; abusing alcohol; abusing tobacco products; over-consuming useful substances like food; and obsessing about and compulsively engaging in pornography, gambling, sexual behaviors, exercising, surfing the internet, shopping, dieting, playing video games, spending time on Facebook or other social networks, visiting chat rooms, and many more.

Do I have a problem?

If you are concerned about yourself, but don’t know if there is a problem, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I think a lot about using the substance or the performing the behavior?
  2. Do I frequently partake in the substance or act out the worrisome behavior?
  3. Do I hide my use of the substance or my acting out from people I care about?
  4. Do I lie to myself or others about my use of the substance or my acting out?
  5. Do I suspect that the use of the substance or acting out is becoming a problem for me?
  6. Are there specific times or circumstances that seem to trigger my use of the substance or my acting out?
  7. Am I using or acting out more often than before?
  8. Am I sacrificing people or things I value to use or act out?
  9. Do I continue to use or act our even though I am fearful of the consequences or have already experienced negative effects.
  10. Have you found it hard to stop or cut down on your use or acting out?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have a problem.

Look below to find useful information and resources about common types of addictions and compulsions. Please take a few minutes to explore these materials. If you are concerned that addictions or compulsive behaviors may be an issue in your life, we hope you will choose to move toward healthier living by seeking help.

There is help. You CAN be free! Please click on the links below to learn more…

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